METROPOLITAN HOUSE is a management company specialized in the promotion of housing and other real estate through Comunidad de Bienes, Housing Cooperatives and in the management of real estate developments to third parties for rental housing.

METROPOLITAN HOUSE specialises in managing property development projects based on the Comunidad de Bienes and Housing Cooperatives system. Its professionals have a track record of over thirty years in the sector and work every day with a clear goal in mind: total client satisfaction.

METROPOLITAN HOUSE carefully studies and selects the spaces in which develop projects, endeavouring to create totally custom-designed housing and to offer our clients comfort and well-being, right down to the finest detail.

METROPOLITAN HOUSE manages Comunidades de Bienes and Housing Cooperatives where the developer does not profit and so the cost of acquisition of the housing is therefore much lower than out in the market rate, contributing to its price settlement.


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